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We have the right tool to make your ERP, e-commerce or CRM work correctly in Brazil, with accurate taxes calculation.


What we do with Avalara

We develop the Brazilian Avalara Tax Engine for calculation of relevant taxes using our Brazilian tax system know-how and trend technologies. The partnership allows us to develop and maintain the Brazilian Tax Engine within Avalara’s infrastructure.

The solution supports all transactions in the Brazilian tax systems for service, physical goods, imports including sales, purchases, vendor payments and customer receipts and a variety of self invoices. We have also developed communications with government services to manage and authorize electronic invoices.

Our team is responsible for keeping up-to-date all tax data, including tax rules and rates for each jurisdiction

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The Localization that enables your company to hit the ground running in Brazil

Simply stated, SuitePlus localization enables your system to run properly and in full compliance within Brazil. It has a set of feature rich add-on modules designed to handle the specific business requirements for Brazil including data validation, tax configuration at the customer, vendor and item level, tax calculation at the transaction level with accruals, tax credits, recoverable taxes, electronic invoices, installment management, statutory chart of accounts, electronic bank payments, and many other things.

These bundles handle Brazilian related issues such as taxes, local reports, specific roles, and forms. They are deployed specifically to the subsidiaries running Brazil operations.

Our Expertise

Yes, we know a lot about taxes

The complexity and instability of tax regulations in Brazil make the ERP's adaptation expensive and time-consuming. There's a need to automate tax processes that are not defined - not even by the tax authorities. In addition to this, you have to understand the laws of almost every State to calculate the ICMS tax substitution, sending numerous electronic statements, filling out invoices, calculating taxes, making tax assessments, carrying retentions that are difficult to understand and many other situations that eventually consume time and resources that could be better used on improving your product

The development of NetSuite Brazilian Localization gave us specific knowledge and understanding of the nuances between managing features and meeting fiscal requirements. This allow us to effectively handle the system's evolution and keep our focus on always meeting tax and regulations requirements.

SuitePlus works with Avalara to deliver in Brazil the most advanced fiscal and tax system. To learn more:
Avalara adds Brazil to global tax compliance cloud platform

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